told by "B"

I once had a love, Youth, was the name,
Together we embraced Life as it came.

I thought Youth was mine for eternity,
But a stranger came and stole Youth from me.

We called her Adolescence,but her real name was Age.
She told us, with her, the world was our stage.

We reveled and played with our new found friend,
And couldn't believe it would ever end.

She'd been plotting and stealing from me for a while.
But kept me distracted by her accomplice, Denial.

At first, I thought of her as one of the folks.
Thought she was funny, and laughed at her jokes.

Once, she followed me to the DMV.
And they photographed her instead of ME!

The next thing she tried, just made me grin.
She took the hair off Youth's head,and stuck it on my chin.

But then, she started to hide things from me,
And tried to blame it on poor Memory.

The worst came the day she took Youth from my Face,
And left sad, old Wrinkles in her place.

Now that wasn't funny and told her to go.
But she just stared back, mocking me so.

Well, She wasn't my friend, this is the truth,
All the time this temptress was after my Youth.

How could this happen, why didn't I see?
How could she steal something so precious from me?

Now, Youth has been gone, for quite a while.
But I'm not all alone, I still have Denial.

by Barbara Marsh

 I have become a lot more social
with the passing of years;
some might even call me
a frivolous old gal.
I'm seeing five
gentlemen every day!

   As soon as I wake,
Will Power helps
me get out of bed.
Then I go to see John.
Next Charley Horse comes along,
and when he is here,
he takes a lot of my
time and attention.
After he leaves,
Arthur Ritis shows up
and stays the rest of the day.
He doesn't like to stay
in one place very long,
so he takes me from
joint to joint.
After such a busy day,
I'm really tired and glad
to go to bed
-- with Ben Gay, of course.

what a life!

The preacher came
to call the other day.
He said that at my age
I should be thinking
about the hereafter.
I told him I do --
all the time.
No matter where I am --
in the parlor, upstairs,
in the kitchen or
down in the basement
-- I ask myself,
"Now, what am I here after?"

author unknown


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