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like you knew it forever!


The Shady Side Of 50

Words and Music By Sal Grippaldi

copyright 1998


man on bench Something's mentioned
and you see,
A vivid slice, of memory,
When you're sitting on
the shady side of fifty,
You see your future
looking back at you.

lovers Any thought can be the one,
That triggers mem'ries,
then they're gone
When you're sitting on
the shady side of fifty,
These old mem'ries mean
the world to you.

Pictures fill your thoughts
and you remember,
Things you thought
forgotten long ago,
They may take you
back to being twenty,
Re-living all the times
you treasure so.

tree Shut the door,
Put out the lights,
Then close your eyes,
And see the sights,
When you're sitting on
the shady side of fifty,
These old mem'ries mean
the world to you.

man on bench


Thanks, Sal, for letting us use your song.
Sal is also a great sequencer of midis.
There is a link to his site
at the end of this page.

Speaking of memeries,

Do you Remember...

When your mom wore nylons
that came in two pieces.

Sock hops!

Hula Hoops.
I remember standing in front of
Woolworths demonstrating hula hoops
with my sister and cousins,
all for the price of an
ice cream sundae at the soda fountain.

Soda fountains!
ahhh...cherry cokes, my favorite

Car Hops.
That was like a drive thru, in reverse.

Drive in movies.
How many kids could fit
in your trunk?

When writing letters required
a pen, paper and
a three cent stamp.

  Ten cent pay phones,
and one phone company.

  When nearly everyone's mom
was at home when the kids got there.
and she was the dish washer.

 Being sent to the drugstore
to test vacuum tubes for the TV.
When it took five minutes
for the TV to warm up.

Could there be a conection between
smaller families
and the remote controll?

When there were two types
of sneakers for girls and boys
and the only time you wore
them at school, was for "gym".

       How about the old Christmas lights?
When one went out, they all did,
and you learned your first swear word.

  When you got your windshield cleaned,
oil checked, and gas pumped,
without asking,...
for free, every time.
And, you didn`t pay for air.
And, you got  trading stamps to boot!
And you didn't have to take
out a loan to pay for the gas, either.         

  When laundry detergent
had free glasses,
dishes or towels
hidden inside the box.

When milk and bread was
delivered to your house,
and whole milk had to be shook.

Doctors made house calls.

When being sent to the
principal's office was nothing
  compared to the fate that
awaited a misbehaving student at home.

Ron M. remembers putting his P.J'S. under his pillow when making his bed!!!!
He said "you always knew where your p.j's were!"

And I remember stuffing mine into a pajama doll!


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